About me!

Hey! My name is NĂ©stor but on the internet I'm known as amadornes or ama. I like to play games and make them. I also enjoy listening to music (mostly EDM), but if you've found this site it's probably because I make mods for Minecraft

My mods


Framez brings back the frames that RP2 added back in 1.4.7... with a few twists. Apart from frame sliders it also adds frame rotators, which allow you to rotate entire structures around an axis. It has support for a wide variety of power systems and is able to move blocks from almost all mods with no issues. It also adds a grain of modularity to your builds by also supporting Forge Multipart (which is not a dependency anymore).

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BluePower is a mod whose objective at first was to recreate RedPower 2 completely (excluding the frames, which were already added by Framez). After some time we felt like it wasn't going anywhere if we kept it equal to RedPower so we decided to branch out. Now it adds 3 types of wires: red alloy (analogue, lossy - the same as in RP), infused teslatite (analogue, lossles - used for analogue logic) and bluestone (digital, lossless - this is your average cable you would use with things like a lever). It also adds new gates which allow you to do mathematical operations on analogue signals and Integrated Circuits, a way to compress down your circuits into one block face.

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