Who am I?

My name is Néstor Amador, but most people know me as Amadornes. I'm a 19-year-old Spanish Computer Science student.

I started programming when I was 8, back in 2007, and I've worked with a lot of different languages over the years.

Even though I mainly use Java right now, I've extensively worked with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, and a bit with C++, C# amongst others.

I also create online video content, both live and pre-recorded.

In terms of live video, I livestream myself playing games and programming.

When it comes to pre-recorded video I really enjoy doing VFX, though I'm still learning.

I sometimes also make music - mainly hardstyle nowadays but I'm starting to get into orchestral music as well.

There are way too many things to say about me, so I'll leave it there to keep it short.

What do I make?

Minecraft Mods

I've been modding Minecraft for over 6 years, and in that time I've released a few mods:

MCMultiPart: A multipart API for Minecraft 1.8+ that allows multiple blocks to co-exist in the same blockspace.

Super Circuit Maker: A mod about taking redstone to the next level, allowing you to create tiny logic circuits.

Framez: A mod that re-invents RedPower's frame blocks, now in multipart form and with a lot more movement types.

BluePower*: A mod that re-added a lot of blocks and items from RedPower 2 back into the game.

TBIRCME*: A mod I made for ModJam that allowed you to link ingame chat to an IRC channel and added support for Twitch emotes.

The Super Sekrit Mod: An unreleased mod I've been working on ever since I started modding 6 and a half years ago. Coming SOON™

* Abandoned

Game Development

Nothing public yet. Maybe at some point in the not too far future!